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Square Propagation Station Shelves for Plant Cuttings

Square Propagation Station Shelves for Plant Cuttings

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Elevate your green thumb with our square propagation shelf. Discover the perfect balance of functionality and style with our Square Propagation Shelf for Plant Cuttings. Handcrafted by our skilled artisan woodworkers in Brooklyn, NY, this distinctive oak or mahogany floating wood shelf offers a captivating platform to nurture and showcase your favorite plant cuttings.

Using premium oak or mahogany wood, our craftsmen have meticulously shaped this floating shelf, embodying a clean and modern design that effortlessly complements any room in your home. The natural beauty of the wood is accentuated by the beveled edges and unique test tube-style vases, specifically designed for plant propagation. Each square floating shelf is meticulously coated with sumptuous Danish oil, accentuating the intricate loops, grains, and whirls of the wood.

Each glass vase elegantly cradles a single plant cutting, securely hanging below the top of the wood shelf, providing an ideal environment for growth and nurturing. Available in three sizes, our Square Propagation Shelf is designed for easy installation, ensuring the swift propagation of lush and verdant plants in no time at all.


  • Small: Perfect for intimate spaces and single cuttings
  • Medium: An ideal balance between space and versatility
  • Large: Showcase an impressive collection of cuttings

Immerse yourself in the art of plant propagation and create a flourishing green oasis with our Square Propagation Shelf.Glass test tube vases are included in purchase.

Easily install your Square Propagation Shelf with our instructions found here. Have a question about shelf sizes? Want to talk plants? Contact David here. 


Square Shelf Specifications:

  • Depth/Width Options: 3," 4", or 5"
  • Thickness: 7/8"

Number of Stations per Shelf Size:

  • 3": 1 vase
  • 4": 4 vases
  • 5": 8 vases

Vase size: 0.6" × 4"

Note: shelf, vases, anchors, and screws included in purchase.

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works great i like it