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Mahogany Floating Shelf with Hole for Cable Management | Speakers, Chargers, Cords

Mahogany Floating Shelf with Hole for Cable Management | Speakers, Chargers, Cords

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Handmade in Brooklyn, New York, USA. These are our floating wall-mount shelves with a grommet hole for cable management. The grommet hole is centered at the back of the floating shelf. We offer these custom shelves in beautiful mahogany or oak for your speakers, phone, cable box, and other corded devices. Browse our minimalist shelf collection. Each shelf has soft rounded edges and is carefully finished with Danish oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, ensure durability, and for easy cleaning.

Don't see the size you want? Message David and he will be happy to help.

The shelf can be easily wall-mounted directly into drywall or wall studs. It's that easy. If you have any questions about installation, message us and we will be happy to help.


Size options
-Length: 6" to 24"
-Depth/Width: 3" to 8"
-Thickness: 7/8"

-Grommet hole diameter: 5/8".  If you would like a 3/4" hole instead, please specify.

Recommended weight limit: ~30-60 lbs with drywall anchors, dependent on shelf size. The weight limit increases substantially when mounted in solid wood or studs.

Note: only shelf, anchor, and screws are included in the purchase. Anchor size: #8-10 x 3/8-1", depending on shelf size.
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Customer Reviews

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It’s beautiful. Love it! Quite the game changer for my home office and getting stuff elevated.


The item matched the description & my expectations.


The seller accommodated my request of cutting a thin channel from the hole to the edge to allow for cable to slide in. Fine craftsmanship.


Beautiful finish and well packed. Can't wait to hang them up!


Just great. Thank you very much for the excellent work and super fast shipping.