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Rhombus Propagation Station Shelves for Plant Cuttings

Rhombus Propagation Station Shelves for Plant Cuttings

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Introducing our exquisite Rhombus Oak or Mahogany Propagation Station Shelves, the perfect way to showcase your love for plants while nurturing your favorite cuttings in a stylish and unique way.

We hand-select only the highest-quality oak and mahogany wood, known for its premium quality and exceptional durability, ensuring that your shelves will stand the test of time. The rhombus shape of the shelf easily fits into any corner of your home or office, maximizing space utilization without compromising on style. The natural grain of the mahogany and oak wood is enhanced by our meticulous finishing process, featuring sumptuous Danish oil infused with Linseed and Tung natural oils, providing both an elegant appearance and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Our 0.6" by 4" glass vases, reminiscent of classic test tubes, add a touch of playfulness with a modern twist. Each vase is designed to securely hold a single plant cutting, allowing it to thrive while gracefully suspended from the shelf. The Rhombus Propagation Shelf is available in three different sizes, catering to your specific needs, and can be effortlessly installed on drywall or wall studs using the included drywall anchors and screws.

Whether you're an experienced plant enthusiast or embarking on a green journey, the Rhombus Propagation Shelf for Plant Cuttings offers a unique and eye-catching addition to your home decor. Its minimalist design and hassle-free installation make it a practical and stylish choice for any living space. Don't wait any longer! Start cultivating your plants in style with the Rhombus Propagation Shelf today!

Glass test tube vases are included in purchase.

Easily install your Rhombus Propagation Shelf with our instructions found here. Have a question about shelf sizes? Want to talk plants? Contact David here. 


Rhombus Shelf Specifications:

  • Depth/Width: 3", 4", or 5"
  • Thickness: 7/8"

Number of Stations per Shelf Size:

  • 3": 1 vase
  • 4": 4 vases
  • 5": 8 vases

Vase size: 0.6" × 4"

Note: shelf, vases, anchors, and screws included in purchase.

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