The NookWoodworking Father’s Day Gift Guide

The NookWoodworking Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is around the corner, and the quest for finding the perfect gift to show appreciation for all the dads out there is in full swing. And sometimes, it can be difficult to know just what to get dear old, dad. But this year, why not swap the socks for something a little more…sturdy? From sporty dads to techie dads, the dad’s that delight in home cooking to those that prefer plants, there’s a gift for every type of Dad. Read on to find out! 

For the Work Winning Father: An Upgraded Home Office

Thick oak floating shelves with rounded corners in an office with items displayed on them.

Want to make Dad's day-to-day less of a grind? Give him a reason to ditch the commute and cozy up to that home office life with a setup that screams ‘Boss’. Enter the game-changer: our Thick Oak Floating Shelf with Rounded Corners. It's not just any shelf; this hunk of handcrafted solid oak is the perfect mix of class and practicality. Super sturdy and a cinch to throw up on the wall, it’s seriously the MVP of shelves.

Picture this: Dad’s favorite books, that quirky desk trinket you got him from your last road trip, and maybe even that 'World's Best Dad' mug, all neatly displayed on a gorgeous piece of woodwork. It tells visitors (you know, like the family pet) that this is a man who values style and substance. Plus, it's the kind of quality that lasts – kinda like that dad jokes he loves to whip out.

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For the Techie 

Three shelves of a mahogany bookcase are on display. The top shelf holds an illustration of a coffee carafe, wick candle, and antique pitcher, the middle shelf holds the subway clock with mahogany frame. The subway clock reads, "L Canarsie -R 5 min" and below that, "M Middle Villag 7 Min", on the bottom shelf a green plant sits in an intricate white planter next to a silver air plant, a large brown book, and four black books. The wall behind it is light blue. There is a blue accent chair in the back.

Does your pops always have the latest iPhone, live for the newest tech drop, and enjoy a good city vibe? Why not check out the NYC Realtime Subway Clock. This isn’t your average timekeeper. Imagine blending city pulse with tech cool, giving Dad real-time updates from the iconic NYC subway. It's more than just a clock; it's a dynamic piece of art that lights up with live subway timings, making it feel like he’s right in the heart of the city.

Whether he’s planning his next trip to Manhattan or just loves a stat or two, this clock is a slice of New York life, right there on his wall. It’s functional, futuristic, and frankly, it’s just flat-out fun. So, up his gadget game, and let him marinate in those metropolitan vibes day in and day out. Trust us, every tech-loving city enthusiast dad will think this is the coolest thing since sliced bread—or the latest iPhone!

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Let Dad Cook With a Custom-Crafted Serving Tray 

A top-down view of our stunning Luxury Serving Tray with Full Grain Leather. The elegant oak and mahogany wood mix as the mahogany wood serves as the frame and the oak wood the base. The oak wood displays a stunning wood pattern and the entire tray is served with comfortable fit handles that jut out on either side for easy handling.

Give Dad's breakfast in bed a five-star upgrade, or turn his dinner presentation into an art form with the luxurious Serving Tray with Full Grain Leather. Crafted from top-notch oak or mahogany and dressed up with striking full-grain leather, this tray is where sophistication meets utility. Whether he’s whipping up a romantic dinner for two or laying out a lavish family feast, this serving tray adds a dash of elegance to every meal. Perfect for dads who have a taste for the finer things and a flair for gourmet adventures.

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Help Dad Cruise Through the Booze 

A side view of our Oak or Mahogany Beer Glass Shelf. The oak shelf holds 13 drink glasses securely as a variety of tulip glasses hang upside down below. A cast-iron bracket features a floral pattern. The shelf is mounted on a blue wall.

For the dad whose beer collection is his pride and joy, the Beer Glass Shelf turns his cherished brews into a centerpiece of sophistication. Tailor-made from select oak or mahogany, and sporting sturdy cast iron brackets, this isn't just any shelf—it's the throne upon which his prized ales, lagers, and IPAs sit in glory. It's where storage meets swagger, a stylish stage that throws a spotlight on his eclectic taste. This shelf doesn't just organize; it elevates every bottle to a work of art, making him the curator of his personal beer museum.

Imagine the twinkle in his eye as he reaches for a frosty pint from this masterpiece—whether he's the life of the party or winding down solo with the golden hues of a well-earned brew. The Beer Glass Shelf is the perfect pairing for his favorite indulgence, turning his sipping sanctuary into a conversation starter. Ideal for the bon vivant father who knows his hops and malts and deserves his suds served with a dash of elegance.

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For the Plant Daddy: Have Him Propagate Plants in Style 

Various sized triangle propagation shelves are arranged on a white background. There is one of both oak and mahogany with 1 hole, three holes, and four holes.

Perfect for the father who revels in augmenting his verdant collection, this propagation station is a testament to his passion for flora and an emblem of his refined taste. It’s where functionality meets design in the most elegant of dances, allowing him to showcase the beginnings of new plant life in style. For dads who find solace in their leafy haven and pride themselves on a curated green space, this gift is a celebration of both their nurturing spirit and impeccable aesthetic. It’s not just about growing plants; it’s about growing them beautifully.

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Oak and Mahogany Shelves: The Perfect Dad Upgrades 

Let's face it, dads can be tough to shop for. But what if you could help yours tidy up his space with a touch of class? Enter NookWoodworking’s range of Custom and Classic Floating Shelves. No matter if your pops is into the clean, no-fuss look or digs something a little more out-there, these shelves have got it all. They're solid, look fantastic, and come with the option to tweak things here and there for that extra special touch. It’s pretty much like giving his favorite room a little high-five.

When Father's Day rolls around this time, dodge the usual suspects and hook him up with something he'll actually use every day. Each shelf from NookWoodworking is a slice of craftsmanship that’s both knockout sturdy and a breeze on the eyes. Top off the celebration of your main man with a gift that’s as cool as he is and will stick around way longer than a "World’s Best Dad" mug. Go on, make his day with a spot for all his stuff – because nothing says "you're the best" like a killer set of shelves he’ll brag about every chance he gets.

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