Our 7 Favorite Plants to Propagate with Our Propagation Shelves

There's nothing quite like propagating your beloved plants. From the slow build of witnessing your cutting grow roots to successfully transferring it to the soil, plant propagation is a gratifying (and fun) endeavor.

If you're looking to take your propagating game to the next level, than any of these 7 plants could be successful. So read on, because whether you want to propagate a wandering jew or pothos, there is something for everyone on this list. 


A neon green philodendron leaf

A striking plant, the philodendron has oft been admired for its dark green and somewhat heart-shaped leaf. This popular plant is also one of the easiest plants to propagate thanks to its easygoing and adaptive nature. These plants are also incredibly hardy and are able to survive in a variety of conditions. They are not fussy about water, will grow in low light, and can even tolerate being neglected for extended periods of time.

Just remember that the philodendron is toxic to pets. If eaten, Fido may experience GI issues and mouth pain. Because of this, be sure to keep your philodendron away from where your pets can reach it. Our Rhombus-shaped Oak or Mahogany Propagation Station Shelf provides ample space for your philodendron to take root while being safely and securely mounted on your wall - perfect for when you want a little bit of pet-proof green. 


Spider Plant 

A spider plant in a pot

Don't worry, a spider plant doesn't host any actual spiders. But, it does host abundant lush, green leaves that look like spider legs. This unique plant is as easy to care for as it is attractive and can even thrive in low-light conditions.  What's more, NASA has identified the spider plant as a plant that is particularly good at purifying the air. Sure, you may need a lot of plants to actually see a difference, but that's why you propagate!

When the plant is ready to propagate it produces pups, essentially, a mini spider plant. Cut the pup from the parent and place the root in water. Before you know it, that pup will be ready to be transferred to its own pot! 


three stalks of bamboo, one very squiggly

Amplify your luck by propagating as much bamboo as you can. Bamboo is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. If you ever have a bamboo plant in your home, it’s believed that you’ll enjoy all kinds of good fortune.

Hoping to increase your luck in a short amount of time? No problem! Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants around. In fact, some species of bamboo are able to grow up to two feet a day.

With its attractive tubular shape, a bamboo plant will also easily fit in the included test tubes of your NookWoodworking Propagation Station, allowing you to increase your fortune while increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Wandering Dude

The wandering dude, a trailing purple and green plant that is often also called the wandering jew, provides a perfect purple touch to any NookWoodworking Propagation Station. An easy to care for plant, the wandering dude is a great addition to any office, home or dorm room. As it matures, the trailing plant can reach lengths of up to 1 foot, providing plenty of purple color.

We think the wandering dude is particularly distinctive when paired with mahogany wood. The deep hues of the dude vibrant leaves contrast richly with the sumptuous grain for a look that is perfect for any home or office. 



No, you’re not seeing a philodendron! The plant above is a pothos and is truly stunning in its own right. Also called devils ivy, golden pothos, or hunters rove, this unique plant is a great choice for the home or office. It’s easy to care for and doesn’t require much attention, making it a great starter plant for those looking to get into gardening.

Imagine this, with help from our propagation shelves, you are able to quickly fill your entire wall with lush green pothos cuttings. Talk about a green wall!


Beautiful begonia can add a playful touch of texture to a boring wall. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly. They have small, delicate leaves that make them easy to care for. They do best in indirect light and will thrive if you give them a little water every few days.

We especially like the look of a large begonia leaf in our propagation station. The effect is very polished and professional, but it’s also playful and fun. The begonia leaf adds a nice depth to the wall that makes it feel more dynamic. 

Spring Onions 

Spring onions add a delightful zing to any recipe and they’re a great way to add some extra flavor and nutrients to your meals. Even better? They're incredibly easy to propagate. Start by placing your spring onions in the propagation station test tubes with water and check on it frequently to be sure the spring onion has enough water to drink. Once the roots have begun to grow, place a small piece of onion into the soil and cover it up with dirt. Continue this process until you have enough to transplant into larger pots or outside. Or, simply keep your spring onion growing like crazy and snip the top when you've got a hankering for the oniony garnish.

Propagate Your Plants with a Propagation Station from NookWoodworking 

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