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Coffee Mug Shelf for Glasses and Coffee Cups

Coffee Mug Shelf for Glasses and Coffee Cups

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Looking for a stylish and durable solution to storing all of your mug and beer or cocktail glasses? Look no further than our completely customizable Coffee Mug Shelf for Glasses and Cups!

This high-quality, durable oak wood shelf creates a distinguished and sophisticated look in any kitchen, bar, or restaurant. The sleek and simple design is the perfect addition to any home or commercial space that needs some extra storage while still looking stylish as it effortlessly provides the ideal display space for your mug collection.  With raised smooth edges, our standard perfect mug shelf is designed to securely hold 26 glasses on top and up to 14 hanging coffee mugs below. However, we are able to customize the size of your coffee cup shelf to perfectly fit your exact needs.

Masterfully made, the Coffee Mug Shelf for Glasses and Cups is hand built from premium oak wood that has been painstakingly sanded, cut, joined, and finished with the utmost attention to detail. Accompanied with intricate cast-iron brackets create a stable foundation while adding exciting detail and panache. Each shelf is finished in the woodshop with a luxurious Danish oil to allow the natural fine grain and beauty of the wood to shine and ensure durability and easy cleaning. Save cabinet space with our easy-to-install mug display and glass shelf!

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Glass and mug capacity per shelf size:

  • 15 glasses and mugs: 10-15 glasses on shelf, 5 hanging mugs - Depth: 7.75", Width: 16", Height including bracket: 6"
  • 20 glasses and mugs: 14-18 glasses on shelf, 7 hanging mugs - Depth: 7.75", Width: 21", Height including bracket: 6"
  • 25 glasses and mugs: 17-21 glasses on shelf, 9 hanging mugs - Depth: 7.75", Width: 26", Height including bracket: 6"
  • 30 glasses and mugs: 20-24 glasses on shelf, 11 hanging mugs - Depth: 7.75", Width: 31", Height including bracket: 6"
  • 35 glasses and mugs: 23-27 glasses on shelf, 12 hanging mugs - Depth: 7.75", Width: 33.5", Height including bracket: 6"
  • 40 glasses and mugs: 26-30 glasses on shelf, 14 hanging mugs - Depth: 7.75", Width: 38.5", Height including bracket: 6"

The shelf can be easily wall-mounted directly into drywall or wall studs. If you have any questions about installation, message us and we will be happy to help. The cast iron shelf brackets may vary slightly from the ones pictured, proportional to the size of the shelves.

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Customer Reviews

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David at NookWoodworking was just wonderful to work with. He made sure the shelves were to my liking and was very communicative. This is my second purchase with NookWoodworking and the quality is as great as the first. Top notch business with quality products!


Beautiful, sturdy, easy to install. About to buy another one now.


Very good quality it's perfect size for my coffee bar.