Our Favorite Ways to Style Corner Shelving Units

Our Favorite Ways to Style Corner Shelving Units

An oak floating corner shelf

Unless you’re an interior designer, figuring out how to style your wood shelving can seem deceptively easy. But put that shelf in a corner and limit the space you have to work with, and things can get a little more complicated. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to style corner shelving units that will make them look great and function well in your home. Here are our favorite ideas for how to style corner shelves by room:  

Corner Shelves in Kitchens

A kitchen with a series of corner shelves that hold various pantry items and plates

Create Extra Storage for Your Pantry Staples 

Create a customized feel in your kitchen by incorporating corner pantry shelving to  proudly display your kitchen staples, like flour, sugar, beans, and more. Remember to store them in clear containers so you always know exactly how much of your ingredients you have left (just don’t forget to label them!). 

Stack Shelves for Easy Spice Access

Alternate the long side of an L-shaped corner shelving unit vertically to create a unique stacking effect that's perfect for displaying everything from your favorite cookbooks to frequently used spices.

Get Caffeinated 

Did somebody say coffee? Transform the vertical space above your corner counter into a one-stop-shop coffee nook. Store mugs, jars of coffee beans, filters, and all your other coffee-related items for a setup that is as stylish as it is neatly organized. 

Living Room Corner Shelves 

Who Needs a Corner Stand When You Have a Shelf?

Struggling to find the perfect side table for the chair in your room's corner that doesn't look entirely out of place? Consider the charm and utility of a corner shelf! This innovative solution can elegantly hold your drink, store your current read, or even serve as a unique spot to rest your feet.

Keep Things Green With Plants

Develop your green thumb with tiered corner shelves. Fill  them with potted plants. This corner plant shelving will create a lush, green oasis in your living room that is sure to impress guests and make you feel like you’re living in the tropics.

Showcase your personality and memories by using floating corner shelves as a display for art pieces, framed photos, travel souvenirs, and unique memorabilia. This personalized approach turns an overlooked corner into a focal point, inviting conversation and adding character to the overall room décor.

Corner Shelves in Bathrooms 

An interior of a bathroom

Think Spa-ah

Create a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom with floating open shelving. Dedicate these spaces to a collection of calming items like scented candles, small potted plants, bath salts, and essential oils. Set against a backdrop of calming colors, this setup can transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary of relaxation.

Effortlessly Locate Your Toiletries 

Make use of floating corner shelves to keep toiletries organized. Place baskets or attractive containers on the shelves and categorize your items: one for hair care, another for skincare, etc. This not only keeps your bathroom tidy but can also add a decorative touch, especially with decorative items and containers. 

Channel Hotels with Luxe Towel Storage 

Improve your storage space by storing your bath towels on corner shelves. Roll up your towels and stack them on the shelves, creating an aesthetically pleasing display that's also easily accessible. You could even separate them by size: bath towels on one shelf, hand towels on another - ensuring function meets style.

Corner Closet Shelving 

Show-Off Your Accessories 

You cherish your collection of accessories, so why not showcase them with pride? Allocate a special corner area in your closet specifically for displaying your cherished hats, sunglasses, and scarves. This approach will not only maintain your items in pristine condition but also streamline your organization, reducing clutter. Plus, it introduces a touch of personal and fashionable flair to your closet.

Quickly Select Shoes 

Transform a forgotten corner into an elegant shoe sanctuary with tiered corner unit shelves, optimizing space and infusing your closet with a chic boutique ambiance. This ensures your shoes are not just perfectly stored, but also presented in a manner that allows for easy admiration and selection, ensuring your perfect pair is always within easy reach.

Keep Things Neat and Organized 

Embrace the art of seasonal wardrobe rotation by dedicating your corner shelving units to garments currently out of season. This savvy storage strategy not only keeps your closet meticulously organized but also simplifies outfit selection as the seasons change. By neatly storing away items not in immediate use, you free up valuable space for what's currently in vogue, thereby enhancing both accessibility and order in your personal dressing area.

Bedroom Corner Shelves 

A drawing showing how easy it is to install a NookWoodworking floating corner shelf

 Rethink Your Nightstand Solution

Maximize your bedroom's potential by swapping out traditional nightstands with sleek corner shelving units. Ideal for compact spaces, these ingeniously designed shelves can nestle into any corner, affording you substantial storage without encroaching on your valuable floor area. When room real estate is at a premium, capitalizing on every nook and cranny becomes essential. These corner shelves can hold everything a nightstand can—from your current read to a stylish lamp and your night-time essentials—while contributing to a more open, uncluttered ambiance.

Curate a Personal Home Decor Gallery

Transform overlooked corners into a canvas for personal expression. Corner shelves offer the perfect stage for you to feature a tapestry of life's treasures—be it mementos from your adventures, childhood artifacts, or frames encapsulating heartwarming family memories. Each shelf becomes a story, a snapshot in time, inviting anyone who enters the room to peruse your journey through life's cherished moments.

Craft an Oasis of Calm

Craft your very own haven of tranquility by adorning your corner shelves with an array of candles. When dusk falls, light these wicks to envelop your sanctuary in the soft, flickering glow of candlelight. The gentle flames can dance upon the walls, casting a warm and soothing ambiance that prepares you for a serene night in. Whether it's the calming scent of lavender or the romantic aroma of roses, the mood is set for relaxation and tranquility.

Find Your Perfect Corner Shelf at NookWoodworking

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