A Case for Kitchen Floating Shelves

Open kitchen floating shelves hold odds and ends in a light-filled kitchen

It seems like, in 2016, every “it”  kitchen offered modern farmhouse realness. Everyone from celebrity chef Martha Stewart to pop superstar Lance Bass sported chic open floating shelves, slop sinks, and light natural wood. But in 2024, is the modern farmhouse kitchen trend coming to an end? 

We may be biased, but we don’t think so. In fact, we think that the modern farmhouse kitchen floating shelves trend is here to stay. And here’s why:

Open Shelving (No Pun Intended) Opens Up Rooms 


Unlike traditional upper cabinets, open shelves do not create a solid visual barrier in the kitchen. They provide an open and airy feel, allowing the eye to extend further into the space. This lack of visual obstruction creates an illusion of more space and makes the kitchen feel larger. Plus, because open wall shelves expose the back wall, there is a greater sense of depth and impression of a more expansive area. 

Floating Wood Shelves Increase Your Storage Space 


Floating shelves are a great way to increase your storage space in the kitchen. Use open shelves to store everything from cookbooks and dishes to small appliances and utensils. And because they are open on all sides, you can easily see what’s inside without having to open each cabinet door.

Want to stay on top of all of your kitchen organization? You’ll love open shelving! Because, hey, nothing makes you want to stay on top of clutter more than when your clutter is out in the open for everyone to see! Easily find and grab your favorite kitchen tools in the blink of an eye while keeping your kitchen clean and organized.  

A Floating Shelf Allows You to Stylishly Show Your Home Décor

Not only are floating shelves in kitchens great for opening your storage space, they also are seamlessly able to elevate your home décor. Whether it's displaying your collection of colorful dishes, stylish glassware, or decorative accents like vases and plants, a floating shelf allows you to showcase your personal style and add personality to your kitchen.

The clean lines and minimalistic design of floating shelves create a backdrop that lets your home décor take center stage. The absence of bulky cabinets and brackets ensures that your decorative items remain in focus so you can easily let your home décor style shine through. 

Incorporating Open Shelving Allows You to Shop Small

Sure, you could buy flimsy floating shelves from big box companies but why would you when you can support small businesses that produce sturdy and elegant shelves? NookWoodworking is a small business that specializes in handmade, custom wood products and offers a wide range of open shelving options for your kitchen.  Their shelves are made from solid wood species like oak and mahogany and come in a variety of sizes so you can always feel confident that your shelves will fit. 

Plus, with free shipping, quick turnaround, and craftsmanship appeal it’s never been easier to confidently click add to cart on custom created floating kitchen shelves. Shop NookWoodworking today and design your own stylish kitchen floating shelves now! 

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