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NookWoodworking Drink Coasters

NookWoodworking Drink Coasters

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Take a little bit of Nook Cafe home with you and experience the unparalleled beauty of our exquisite Nook coasters, proudly handmade in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Each coaster is masterfully crafted with the finest mahogany wood and fits all standard-sized cups and mugs, providing a stylish and functional addition to any tabletop or bar.

At NookWoodworking, we believe that true craftsmanship is an art form that should be celebrated. That's why we intentionally create each coaster to be unique, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our woodworking process, from selecting the finest materials to crafting each piece to perfection based on its individual style, function, and customer desire.

Our coasters are not only a favorite among our customers and baristas at our café & craft beer parlour but also a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating the finest handcrafted products. You can purchase these stunning coasters individually or in sets of four, making them the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Experience the luxury of our handmade coasters and elevate your entertaining experience with NookWoodworking.
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